People First

Highly ambitious craftsmen.

You grow. We grow. Xebia puts People First, always. With a trust on personal and professional development Xebia provides an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, responsibility and accountability that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Sharing Knowledge

Personal & Professional Development.

Xebia believes in Sharing Knowledge. The more you share it, the more it grows. With mandatory bi-weekly sessions of Xebia Knowledge Exchange, Xebia ensures a flow of knowledge from country to country, unit to unit and employee to employee.

Quality without Compromise

Quality is crucial for success.

At Xebia Quality Without Compromise is the Mantra. Be it work, be it personal interactions, be it the surroundings or be it the self, at Xebia 100% is the norm. Because enough is just not enough.

Customer Intimacy

We build long lasting relationships with our customers and serve them on an equal level. We work on common goals and trust, by being truly interested in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently.