Working at Xebia

Only the most ambitious people deserve the greatest customer challenges.

Xebia is home to extraordinary people. We give space and power to become the best in your community of ambitious and talented peers. As Xebians, we learn, grow, explore and create new frontiers in business together. We thrive for authority. This can only be achieved by working with the best people, offering them the most challenging projects and create a continuous learning environment. Learn more about working at Xebia by reading the Xebian stories below.

Senior Consultant

Albert Brand

Building a brand new app for ING's investment department. I'm Albert Brand, a senior consultant with Xebia for three years now. I've worked on many projects during this time, but I'm going to tell you about my most current one: building a brand new app for ING's investment department.
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Infrastructure Engineer

Arjan Molenaar

The combination of Continuous Delivery, Test Automation & Software Development. As a software engineer and consultant with an eye for quality, I have worked for Xebia for over eight years. That's a long time, especially within ICT. One thing that binds me to Xebia is its changing and challenging assignments.
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Software Developer

Niels van Doorn

Shortly after I finished school, I began working at Xebia. It offered a fantastic opportunity to grow very fast and learn by doing. I developed many new skills working with diverse technologies. I also learned a lot about important IT-related business concepts, like the Agile way of working, DevOps, cloud, testing, and security.
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Facility Manager

Michael van der Tweel

Time management is crucial in my role. Even if I have a "perfectly" planned day, there's a big chance I'll get distracted from that plan by requests and queries that require urgent attention. Welcome to my life!
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Coördinator Xebia Academy

Femke Bender

During the eight years that I've worked at Xebia, I've been able to focus most of my energy on growing Xebia Academy. I love organizing, planning, solving, and structuring, especially when dealing with complex issues. Everything about my role here at Xebia allows me to excel in my passions.
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Principal Security Architect

Jeroen Willemsen

I became part of the Xebia family in 2013 as a full-stack software developer. The experience is great: I learned new things every day and was happily invited to share the knowledge that I developed as well!
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Quality Engineer

Tariq Ettaji

Learning on the Job!
As a quality engineer, I'm currently responsible for setting up a continuous delivery infrastructure for a major telecom. It's challenging to use new feedback technologies with the “infrastructure as code” principle to create short feedback loops.
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Office Manager

Diana de kruijf

An Ordinary Day as an Office Manager
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DEVOPS Engineer

Levent Tutar

As Xebians, we strive for solutions, not problems, and work to unburden the IT managers. Currently, I'm working as a DevOps engineer at one of the biggest Dutch banks, helping to automate their software from the version control system to production.
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Agile Consultant

Gino N. Shahidi

As an agile product management consultant, coach, and trainer at Xebia Netherlands, my colleagues and I help organizations become more agile to create more satisfied customers. An important aspect of their transformation involves product and innovation, which is my area of focus.
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Software Developer

Léon Rodenburg

Think of Yourself as an Explorer? Xebia will Back your Dream. Léon Rodenburg’s ideal job was to do something that incorporated his twin passions of software development and Chinese linguistics. At Xebia, he did just that by helping build a strategic relationship with the Alibaba Group.
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Software Developer

Ruben Oostinga

Can Software be Art? Xebia’s Ruben Oostinga Thinks So. An artist who found satisfaction in software? Meet Ruben Oostinga, 30, who wanted to study animatronics in college because he liked building 3D models on the computer. “But when I needed to make clay figures for my entrance admission assignment, I realized this wasn’t what I wanted – I wanted to express myself creatively through computers,” he says.
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