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Only the most ambitious people deserve the greatest customer challenges.

Xebia is home to extraordinary people. We give space and power to become the best in your community of ambitious and talented peers. As Xebians, we learn, grow, explore and create new frontiers in business together. We thrive for authority. This can only be achieved by working with the best people, offering them the most challenging projects and create a continuous learning environment. Learn more about working at Xebia by reading the Xebian stories below.

Albert Brand

Senior Consultant

Building a brand new app for ING’s investment department.

I’m Albert Brand, a senior consultant with Xebia for three years now. I’ve worked on many projects during this time, but I’m going to tell you about my most current one: building a brand new app for ING’s investment department.

Xebia first partnered with ING on its original mobile banking app, which had an enormous impact on the financial sector. Then ING asked us to co-create a mobile investment app that would enable its customers to manage their investments “on the road.” This project was another opportunity for us to create a revolutionary app for ING’s ecosystem. Since they planned to roll the investment app out in the Netherlands and other European countries, the user base could potentially grow to hundreds of thousands. But ING’s goal wasn’t simply to build a functional app; they wanted us to build “the best investment app in the world.” I’m happy to say that we’re very close to achieving that.

The best part of the project has been the freedom to choose our technology stack. Because of our track record and success stories with ING, they gave us full freedom to build a native app for iOS and Android using the React Native framework. Also, we chose GitLab as a CI environment for one of the first ING teams.

We’re building the Android app in Docker on the ING private cloud, and the iOS pipeline uses dedicated Mac hardware. To maintain quality and allow continuous delivery, we’ve created an extensive test suite with unit and integration tests, visual regression tests and end-to-end device tests on a cloud device farm.

We’re the first team at ING to apply this progressive testing and CI method. Now other teams are becoming enthusiastic about this approach, and many are adopting it. As a tech lead, I have been mainly responsible for the front-end architecture, the quality and optimization of components, state management and hooking up the app to ING’s new, cross-app security layer. We continuously strive for impact at Xebia, and I am very proud to see ING learning from us and following our example.

Not only do I get to work with the best developers at Xebia, but I also have the chance to challenge myself continuously on cool projects and learn new stuff every day. Xebia gives me full freedom. For instance, I’m encouraged to visit conferences and work on my own, innovative side projects. Presenting at Meetups or organizing conferences is also highly stimulating, as it allows me to share my knowledge with other developers. Sharing knowledge is embedded in Xebia’s DNA -it’s how we turn passion into expertise.

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Arjan Molenaar

Infrastructure Engineer

The combination of Continuous Delivery, Test Automation & Software Development. As a software engineer and consultant with an eye for quality, I have worked for Xebia for over eight years. That's a long time, especially within ICT. One thing that binds me to Xebia is its changing and challenging assignments.

I’m also especially attached to all the knowledge sharing opportunities and exchanges I have with my colleagues. In addition to working on client projects, there's room to supervise workshops and conduct audits with different companies, which are also very educational.

Our field of study is continuously changing, and so it’s great that Xebia is committed to sharing knowledge. There are no big meetings, but instead, mini-conference where colleagues share their experiences and look for solutions to individual challenges, together. As a Xebia consultant, you"re never on your own with a client; you can always fall back on your colleagues.

Learn more about my colleagues. Everyone is different, everyone is unique.

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Heily Speetjens

Inside Sales Academy

Hello, I'm Heily Speetjens, and I'm responsible for sales at Xebia Academy. In a nutshell, this means I promote and manage both our public and in-company training sessions. Ninety-eight percent of the time, I do this by phone (inside sales). As for those two remaining percentages, I’m out there in the field.

I started working at Xebia in May 2016 with a full-focus on sales. I set up my own list of clients, and in collaboration with our training consultants, helped many of them move forward in business. After a year, I realized our training website needed an update to showcase what we do better and explain how Xebia differs from our competitors.

As a result, I earned the opportunity to take on the product owner role for our new website, with more freedom and added responsibility. Now, I understand our customers more and have become an even better salesperson.

My story is just a small example of how we work at Xebia. This company challenges you to use your talents and to do what you love most in the best way. Of course, this can also feel like a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs of learning by trial and error. But even though all I do is a work in progress, I’m proud of the things I’ve already accomplished! I love the fact that I can express my enthusiasm in my work and that my colleagues have the same mindset.

Invest in your dream. Grind now. Shine later.

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Niels van Doorn

Online Business Developer

Shortly after I finished school, I began working at Xebia. It offered a fantastic opportunity to grow very fast and learn by doing. I developed many new skills working with diverse technologies. I also learned a lot about important IT-related business concepts, like the Agile way of working, DevOps, cloud, testing, and security.

My team loves experimenting with new techniques, likes React, Go, Docker and Kubernetes. It keeps my job challenging and exciting! What’s cool one year, can be boring the next year, so we keep learning and experimenting. We carry a project from idea to production, and never miss a step. It’s a lot of responsibility, but that’s part of the fun. The stakeholders leave technical decisions to us as long, as long as they get excellent results. One of the projects I’m most proud of is the Xebia Academy website. It started with only a few pages where students could book a training session, and now we’ve grown it into a full-fledged webshop. It offers a wide range of IT training options so that customers can learn anything - from how to work Agile, to specific development skills, to building a continuous delivery pipeline, and more! I know for sure, this website is going to be awesome.

Not only do I love my job and all the cool projects I get to work on, but I also enjoy working where there are so many moments for just hanging out with my colleagues. Xebia organizes many events, like Innovation Day, Meetups, Knowledge Exchange evenings, movie nights, a beach party, and many others. The culture here creates a really warm and dynamic company!

If you're curious to hear more about why I think Xebia is a great place to work. I invite you to drop by for a cup of coffee with me.

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Michael van der Tweel

Facility Manager

Time management is crucial in my role. Even if I have a “perfectly” planned day, there’s a big chance I’ll get distracted from that plan by requests and queries that require urgent attention. Welcome to my life!

As a facility manager, my team and I are responsible for the “essence” of Xebia. We work with the security team, facility supporters and our other colleagues to create and ensure a wonderful “Xebia experience” for every visitor, every day. Even though Xebians all value and share the quality of self-reliance, we’re also always happy to help and support others, wherever we’re needed. Because of this vibe, I feel and know that I’m working for a special company. Every day is a pleasure to work here.

I’ve grown a lot in my years at Xebia, taking on new challenges and going outside my comfort zone to advance to new levels in my career. The two biggest highlights that I’ve enjoyed the most so far happened in 2016. We moved from our villa to our new 4000 square meter building in Hilversum while simultaneously building a new office in Amsterdam at the Wibaustraat. I’ll never forget working on these renovations and restyling projects. It feels good to know I played a part in making Xebia look and feel like the cool, cozy and charming place to work that it is today!

If you’d like to come check out our offices, please get in touch!

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Femke Bender

Coördinator Xebia Academy

During the eight years that I’ve worked at Xebia, I’ve been able to focus most of my energy on growing Xebia Academy. I love organizing, planning, solving, and structuring, especially when dealing with complex issues. Everything about my role here at Xebia allows me to excel in my passions. The tasks involved with doing my job are very dynamic, so even after many years, my career continues to challenge me.

I’m continually learning and changing. I work very closely with my colleagues and our customers to create lasting relationships. Together, with the growing Xebia Academy team, we support our customers and help them shape and develop their careers.

In addition to our daily responsibilities, Xebia also encourages us to initiate and develop our own ideas - so, I also organize meetups for nlScrum. Each of us here also receives a personal training/professional development budget. I use mine to attend seminars, conferences and courses that help me grow professionally in my job every day.

But maybe the most beautiful and special thing about Xebia is its attention on social activities and building a community. We have fantastic events, like sailing weekends, Halloween movie night, golf and squash tournaments, beach and Christmas parties - which you’ll be able to attend if you join us! We work hard at Xebia, but there’s always room for the fun stuff. This balanced focus on both work and play helps create strong bonds between us- many of our colleagues are also weekend friends!

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Jeroen Willemsen

Principal Security Architect

I became part of the Xebia family in 2013 as a full-stack software developer. The experience is great: I learned new things every day and was happily invited to share the knowledge that I developed as well!

Sharing knowledge has been a central theme to my Xebian lifestyle ever since. From when we started our knowledge sharing group Xebia Black -a cross-unit security guild, to when we founded Xebia Security. The knowledge-sharing does not end internally, but Xebia supports us to go outside and share what we do at Xebia with the rest of the world!

Now, I am a principal security architect at Xebia Security: I do pentests, security automation, development of secure building blocks, threat-modelling, risk management, security architecture development and more. The beauty of it all lies in the diversity of the things we need to do to secure the SDLC.

I get to work with great colleagues from Xebia Security and many other parts within the Xebia Holding. We can have security in the fast lane, thanks to the fact that we can stand on shoulders of giants.

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Tariq Ettaji

Quality Engineer

Learning on the Job!

As a quality engineer, I’m currently responsible for setting up a continuous delivery infrastructure for a major telecom. It’s challenging to use new feedback technologies with the “infrastructure as code” principle to create short feedback loops. But that challenge also makes my work fun and educational.

Sharing knowledge has been a central theme to my Xebian lifestyle ever since. From when we started our knowledge sharing group Xebia Black -a cross-unit security guild, to when we founded Xebia Security. The knowledge-sharing does not end internally, but Xebia supports us to go outside and share what we do at Xebia with the rest of the world!

I love learning on the job, and I have many other opportunities to increase my knowledge through training, conferences and regular knowledge exchange sessions. To me, working at Xebia means making a difference in challenging assignments and learning new things every day.

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