About Xebia

We’re an international network of passionate technologists, pioneering craftspeople, and ambitious doers and dreamers dedicated to exploring (and creating) new frontiers in IT.

Together, we provide the cutting-edge tools, training, and consulting services that today’s businesses need to work better, smarter, and faster.

We’re turning the latest technology trends into advantages for our customers, and we’re looking for the best and brightest talent to join us.

Our culture is an informal one.

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Our Mission

Xebia is dedicated to exploring and creating new frontiers in IT and to empowering organizations through our shared discoveries.

We provide innovative services and product solutions that turn technology trends into business advantages. We are committed to creating long-term relationships with our colleagues and customers, and building a better future with IT, together.

Our six, interlinked companies address digital strategy, Agile transformations, DevOps/continuous delivery, big data/data science, cloud infrastructures, Agile software development, digital assurance; and Agile software security.

Our principles of authority, focus, and values drive us - which means we are the best in our field, always clear and consistent, and only operate with integrity.

Our Customers

Our clients choose Xebia for our innovative solutions, technological depth, and high-quality craftsmanship. But they stay with us because of our talented and genuine people.

We’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers and the business network of peers we provide for them. We work primarily with the top 250 organizations in the Netherlands and strive to stay three steps ahead of their needs.

We’re constantly innovating, with purpose and focus, to turn technology trends into business advantages for our clients.